Betterrent is a privately owned finance business originating in Queensland. It is an operation committed to providing your business with outstanding service and comprehensive and cost effective financial solutions for equipment rental.

 OUR Team

Our team of experts have been in the business since 1982 and have a proven background in providing commercially viable solutions for their clients across a variety of industries including engineering and construction, manufacturing, medical and healthcare, agriculture and industrial, resources, hospitality and more.

 OUR Commitment

Our commitment to delivering the highest level of service to our customers and our ability to provide you with low fuss and practical payment plans means that your business can have the competitive edge with the technology and equipment you need now.

 OUR Rental Plans

Betterrent’s affordable rental plans ensure that your business can remain at the forefront of technology with the latest equipment without having to tie up your capital. We offer customised solutions so that your business can obtain and upgrade your equipment whenever you need to.

 OUR Simple Process

You select the equipment from your preferred supplier and we organise the Rental Agreement. We are accredited Financiers so that is what we do best. 

No need to be locked into a supplier’s finance company and supply your confidential information to a retailer who may not be bound by Privacy regulations.

Copy Costs Agreements can be a trap in some instances.  They should be researched well as many can fall short of your original intentions and become a costly burden.  Feel free to discuss your options with us.